A number of people have taken time to write testimonials recommending me. These testimonials have come from a wide range of people. These are all listed below:

Chris Mash

I worked with him at FluffyLogic where he was a Senior Developer.

“Lukas is a hard working and committed programmer and had no fear in asking for advice about how best to go about solving a problem in order do things the right way. There were even times when he came up with solutions to problems which hadn’t occurred to me.

He was a valuable member of the team and got on well with everyone, remaining close friends with all of us. I have no doubt that Lukas will make an excellent addition to any team when he graduates from University.”

Joshua Regan

I worked with Joshua during university.

“Lukas is an asset to any development team, bringing with him a steadfast knowledge of several programming languages including C++ and C# and a keen problem solving mind. I’ve had the fortune of working with Lukas on our final year group project at UWE in which we were producing a commercial grade game for Windows PC and the Xbox360. Throughout the course of the project Lukas produced excellent work and made key contributions to the code base. His contributions exceeded that of all other team members, including myself. When tackling development problems together with Lukas I found him to be intuitive and resourceful in his approach to problem solving and together we were able to propose solutions to a number of technical issues we came up against while working on our final year project together. Outside of my work with Lukas I am aware he is very active in the games development community and has worked on a number of titles in varying scale. His portfolio carries a lot of weight as he has worked on some high profile titles as well as his own independent ventures.”

Ben Laine-Toner

Ben was my boss at The Real Adventure. I worked with him testing websites.

“Lukas was brought in to help as part of our intern program over the summer of 2012 and quickly proved himself to have the ideal attributes for testing. Having honed his analytical skills as a developer he was able to focus these on the testing of other developers work; applying his development knowledge in an informative and insightful way. His attention to detail, thoroughness and great work ethic were self evident from the start of his tenure. He was very well regarded by all those that he worked with, from small projects through this stirling efforts on wharf was the largest development project of the year. “

I would greatly recommend Lukas to any future employer.”

Doug Killick

Group Account Director at The Real Adventure.

“In the short time Lukas worked at The Real Adventure, his attitude and drive to do all he can has left a lasting impression. This impression is not only in the quality of his work, and therefore project output, but also in the regard within which he is held by those who worked with him. His attitude is impeccable. To his future employers I simply say that skills and knowledge can be easily taught. A committed and conscientious worker… that comes from within. Lukas is just that.”

Caroline Tassell

Account Manager at The Real Adventure.

“Lukas is incredibly hardworking and dedicated and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to any prospective employers. He is also an incredibly nice guy and great to work with.”

Tomas Rawlings

Taught me at University of the West Of England. Runs several business involving in the Games industry. I also worked with him at the Global Game Jam making Death Wish Zero with him and the rest of the team.

“Lukas is a good developer, with great ideas and a good person to work with.”

Vin Cox

I worked with Vin at The Real Adventure.

“He has ability, motivation, and personality – what more could you be looking for?”

All these testimonials can be seen on my LinkedIn. Should you wish for any further information please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.


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