This page details a few items that I’m currently working on but are rather early in production as well as other smaller pieces of work which I’ve done.

Game Jam Games


The above link will download a playable flash game produced by myself and teammates at the global game jam 2012.

Computing Project 

My computing project for the final year. This will be updated soon with more detail and screenshots.

Origami(Working Title)

A game being developed in university as part of a team in my final year. This is a competitive arcade plane racer. More details and screenshots will appear as the year progresses.


This was done in my first year. I had to make an Orrery(Solar System) in Maya. Video and screenshots below:

Space Game

This is a space game I made in the second year. A pretty simple game:

Unreal Editor Levels

I’ve made two items in Unreal Engine. One showcases a basic level and the other shows some A.I behaviour and cutscenes. These are shown in the videos below:


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