Hello World!

Hello All!

Welcome to my first blog post! I’ve wanted to blog for a while but have found that finding the time to regularly keep it up to date was difficult. Now though, I have more time and more experiences to share and I hope these blogs can prove useful for somebody.

To slightly introduce myself further, I’m Lukas, 23 and based in the UK. I currently work for a games company called Opposable Games which is an amazing experience (I should probably note, any views expressed are mine and not my employer’s).  This job is my first full time paid games development job and having the opportunity to use the skills I’ve learned from my degree is extremely gratifying.

My journey to this point has not been the easiest but I’ve never intended to use myself/my past as an excuse and in all honesty it makes me who I am. I was diagnosed as autistic and in my early life I was considered to be severely so. Autism is an interesting condition that affects people in different ways. In my case, I definitely had speech difficulties and some difficulty in social situations but these days, I consider myself to be minimally affected by the situation and I feel quite lucky for that. I say this to hopefully show that people with certain difficulties can function in society and to try and rid some negative connotations. If there is a negative part of the condition, it’s probably that I tend to dislike major changes but perhaps that’s the same for most people.

One benefit of the condition though is that my mind is definitely tuned to logic and math which led to an interest in games, computers and general technology in my childhood years. But weirdly, I didn’t consider a career in games programming until the final year of college. I had programmed briefly during my teenage years but I went to university with next to no experience in programming. I went to uni willing to learn and was fortunate enough to be with a decent group of people with the same willingness to learn. This drive enabled me to learn the skills that I needed and I had the opportunity to put these skills into practice at an internship at a local games company (I’m going to revisit this later as my experience gained from my placement was mixed and encompasses a wider issue).

With the skills gained I then worked bloody hard in my final year to get a first class degree and spent about two years networking to ensure I had the right contacts when I was job hunting, which helped with my employment at Opposable Games!

Well that’s my background which went much deeper than I planned! In this blog, I plan to write about my general experiences of the video games world, share some of the skills I’ve learnt and generally keep you all up to date regarding what I’m up to.

Comments are appreciated and let me know if there is anything you’re particularly interested in me talking about.

Thanks for reading!



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