Welcome to my old portfolio site! My new site is at lukasroper.com

I’m a programmer who is currently working with Opposable Games. I have recently finished my degree at the University of the West of England which resulted in me achieving a first class degree. I have since been working with Opposable Games as a junior developer which is really enjoyable.


My Skills

Below is a summary of my overall experience but I mainly specialize in both game creation and plugin creation using the Unity3D game engine. In both specialisms I have worked on products that have been or are going to be used in commercial products. I’m also familiar with other engines and can quickly learn and understand new technology.

Languages Platforms Experience Development Environments
C# Playstation 3 Gameplay Unity
C++ iOS Audio PS Home
lua Windows Storage FluffyLogic’s engine
JSON Windows Phone Tools XNA
XML Android U.I
Java PC/Mac Physics

I also have a large amount of skills in testing, having tested websites for a marketing agency called The Real Adventure, as well as games I worked on during my time at FluffyLogic.

I am not currently looking for work but feel free to browse my portfolio, follow me on Twitter (@lukasroper) and visit the website regularly which will be updated regularly with new content.

Thanks for your time!


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